The Binational Summit at the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT,) was held on February 10th this year, where businessmen, Mexican and American authorities presented their strategies to strength commercial relations between Chihuahua and the state of New Mexico.  Among the proposals highlighted a commercial corridor to California, synergies among businessmen and Government and to encourage export and import flow.

At the meeting, organized by the Industry direction of the Ministry of Innovation and Economic Development (SIDE, by its Spanish initials) experts from the industry and clusters from the state of Chihuahua coincided in that the area must take advantage of the benefits that currently other regions, also dedicated to binational commerce, do not have.

“As it is not an area of high population we have geographic characteristics that can allow great speed in merchandise exchange and the use of international logistics since there is some to be turned into a high level solutions area,” said Omar Saucedo, undersecretary of Innovation and Economic Development.

For Homerio Bernal, in charge of the NMDOT International Programs, one of the advantages is the Santa Teresa border crossing, which as it is not divided by the Rio Bravo and does not have a bridge that limits the weight of what is sought to be exported, allows a greater cargo in comparison with other crossings.

“The idea is to coordinate and initiate a commercial corridor to improve the conditions of suppliers in the area, which if achieved, will allow Chihuahua and New Mexico providing a better service and a suitable planning to detonate bilateral commerce,” Bernal said.

It is important to mention that Bernal as well as the undersecretary Saucedo coincided in that one of the most important challenges is to know the needs of the industry and businessmen, in order for Government to strengthen the commercial ties between both countries.

“We are far from achieving the relations we must have and use the advantages of the potential we have; we are failing in developing more strategies for the development and we need to generate an economic agenda,” said the SIDE official.