The Environmental Fulfillment Volunteers Program of the State of Chihuahua (PROCAVECH, by its Spanish initials) recognized representatives from companies’ members of Index Chihuahua for fulfilling their obligations in environmental matters.

PROCAVECH also recognized those companies fulfilling actions to improve their production processes and facilities, by using the natural resources and raw materials they have therefore minimizing their environmental impact.

“It is the perfect platform to continue being models of environmental regulations compliance.  We are and wish to continue being a referent no limited to strictly the minimal required by law, but that we take it to be a permanent part of our business culture,” said Luis Carlos Ramirez Lopez, president of Index Chihuahua.

Among the companies recognized for environmental compliance are MSSL Alphabet, American Industries, FR Tecnologias de flujo, Intermex, Jabil, SMTC, Sofi, Sofi planta Eco 1, 2 y 6, Xylem and Zodiac Aerospace 1 and 2.

The companies recognized for their environmental compliance and good environmental practices are Bell Helicopter, Conmed, Factoria, FIH Mexico, Honeywell Aerospace, Maxion Wheels and Yazaki Planta 3.

Meanwhile, Index Chihuahua congratulated each one of these companies, since they consider environmental care as an increasingly important objective within the industrial sector.

The Environmental Fulfillment Volunteers Program is an instrument the State Government has to support companies that comply with their obligations in environmental matters and that work in an orderly manner, with a responsible environmental vision.

Good Environmental Practices documentation is option companies have to monitor the improvement or higher efficiency in using their resources and in turn reduce their operations costs.  Such practices are proposed and determined by each company since they are in function of their needs.