With a total of 30 investments, expansions and constructions of industrial driven fulfilled during 2018, Chihuahua positions as an attractive destination for the establishment of export manufacturing companies in the country.


According to figures from Promotora de la Industria Chihuahense and from the State Government, during 2018 was registered a total of 3,108,143 square feet of gross industrial absorption in Ciudad Juarez and the city of Chihuahua, together.


From this total, in Ciudad Juarez 1,308,684 square feet were of expansion and 1,515,462 square feet were of new operations, resulting in a total of 2,824,246.

Meanwhile, in Chihuahua 223,997 square feet were of expansions and 60,000 square feet were of new operations, resulting on a total of 283,997 square feet.


In Detail

Based on provided data, some of the most important operations registered in Ciudad Juarez during 2018 were: CONTEC, with a space of 270,000 square feet and Jusda Logistic, with 126,372 square feet.


Regarding the expansions of companies settled in Ciudad Juarez, the most important operations were registered by BRP, with 215,000 square feet; followed by Werner Ladder, with 195,904 square feet.


In Chihuahua, on the other hand, a new operation was reported: ALT Technologies at the industrial park Bafar; as well as the expansions of Intermex Norte, Chihuahua Industrial Complex and Ai Norte.



In general, in the entire state of Chihuahua, the manufacturing industry registered a total of 24,197 new jobs and 459,446 of IMSS insured in the State until November 2018.


According to Fabian Santana, director of Promotora de la Industria Chihuahuense, 2019 will be a year that will bring movements in the industry, mainly from the automotive sector.


“We are anticipating considerable movement as result of the market inertia, high levels of consumption from the United States and a migration of automotive manufacturing process of Asia Pacifico to Mexico to fulfill the new regional content rules of the new agreement Mexico-United States-Canada,” he ended.