Bosch Cd. Juarez increased its sales from 400 million dollars to 1.2 billion, between 2011 and 2019, said the press department of the company.

Annually, Bosch Juarez produces 120 million pieces per year which are exported to different parts of the world, which explains the reason for the increase in their sales in these last few years.

According to Bosch personnel, the sales portfolio of the company is integrated by more than 50 different qualified products, such as high technology engineering, that includes from radars and proximity sensors to brake systems and engine control modules.

“All these are key pieces in self-driving and in carbon emissions reduction,” explained personnel of the company.

Meanwhile, Marco Antonio Quero Ortiz, the corporate communication manager of Bosch, underlined that the company’s growth is continuous since for nine uninterrupted years it has had an annual improvement.

“This election year situation trends to complicate, but we growth one digit,” he shared.

The company communication manager also highlighted that Juarez is a company of singular importance nationally since it is the largest in Mexico.  Due to the high demand for products being manufactured in Juarez plant, the company was in need of opening a new operations center that will be opened in February 2020 in Celaya, Guanajuato.

“We are settling it in Celaya because the Bajio is a strong cluster at an automotive level and a Bosch policy is to have production close to customers,” detailed Quero.

It is important to mention that Bosch Juarez is one of the most important technological centers for the company in the country.  “All its processes are highly automated based in Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence, what guarantees production within the correct parameters and of the highest quality,” shared directives.