Marlyn Camacho assumes challenges and exercises leadership to continue growing

ECI was founded in 1953 as a provider of wire harnesses and cable assemblies within home appliances industry, joining a broad white line appliance market in North America.

Over the past 50 years, the company has captured a significant portion of this industry sector and expanded its assembly services. The success of ECI is attributed to the company's focus on providing a higher quality solution, technical expertise and excellent customer service.

With presence in the United States, Poland, China, Morocco, Canada, Mexico and with 3 plants in Chihuahua and 4 in Juarez, the company currently has 1,900 employees only on the plant 2, divided into several work shifts.

And precisely in ECI plant 2 is where Marlyn Camacho works, who joined Electrocomponentes 16 years ago as a collaborator director and because of her commitment and dedication in each of the activities required by her job, she has grown to work as a monitors’ leader, position she currently occupies.

“Working at ECI has provided me job stability, I feel very comfortable and I am happy to belong to this great company. Here I have met people who have become my friends. Those of us who work here collaborate as in a family,” said Marlyn Camacho.

For her, constant learning is fundamental to develop new skills in addition to self-confidence. “I like the challenges; I like being a leader and having people at my charge. As long as my boss backs up, he is always been supportive.”

Marlyn is extremely grateful for the opportunities the manufacturing industry has given her through ECI, which has allowed her to have a better quality of life through her work and effort: “Over 16 years I have achieved many important things. Currently, I had the opportunity to improve my house and have a new car.”