Aptiv, formerly known as Delphi, arrived in Mexico in 1978, installing its first plant in Ciudad Juárez

After a transformation process that concluded at the end of 2017, Aptiv emerged, a technology company which is transforming mobility with its portfolio of safe, ecological, and connected solutions for a wide-range of global clients.

Aptiv, formerly known as Delphi Automotive -an industry leader with 39 years of history in Mexico-, inherited a talented team of almost 60,000 Mexican engineers, technicians, administrative and operatives, who have made a difference when manufacturing and designing quality world-products.

The transformation of the company goes beyond a name change, it is the expansion of its vision and a new way of focusing its efforts to mobilize the world. The name represents its adaptability and momentum, in which its ability to foresee the future and make it a reality stands out.

Mobility is changing the world and Aptiv is changing with it. The needs of customers are being transformed, as is the industry, so the company has adapted to deliver smart solutions. And to achieve this, the company is backed by decades of experience and the collective talent of collaborators worldwide that aim to take the industry forward.

"Mobility has the power to change the world and Aptiv has the power to change mobility," said Kevin Clark, Aptiv´s president and CEO.

"We will expand our legacy, being the first in the market to make the future of mobility possible through connected, automated and electrified vehicle solutions. We continue to have a direct focus on solving the most difficult challenges for our clients, with the agility and execution capacity required to win in the field of mobility full of emerging players. It's an extraordinary time to be in the mobility business and we could not be more optimistic about our future, "he added.

A 100 years company

Aptiv has strengths in distribution and signal power, development of software algorithms, centralized computing, advanced security systems and autonomous management solutions, administration and data analytics, info entertainment and user experience, connectivity and electrification to serve its global customers.

Aptiv can be considered as a new company of 100 years-old, since it has the opportunity to build on the accumulated wisdom in the past and bring it to the present, preserving and living its values: health and safety, corporate social responsibility, respect, ethics and compliance . All of these play a critical role in this transformation.

Four decades in México

Operations in México began in 1978, in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, where there are currently six industrial complexes and an advanced technology center, one of the largest in the world for the company.

In México there are 29 plants distributed in the states of Baja California Norte, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Sinaloa and Zacatecas; There are also three engineering development centers in Ciudad Juárez, Saltillo, and Querétaro.

The main products manufactured in Mexico are divided into two areas: the Electrical-Electronic Architecture that covers distribution systems, connection systems and electrical systems; and the other area is Electronics and Security which includes electronic controls and infotainment systems and interface with the driver.

Aptiv, formerly Delphi, has been characterized by the support it provides to the communities in which it is located. In México, it has made an alliance with Fondo Unido-United Way to gather resources that come both from voluntary contributions from employees and from the sale of recyclable materials, resources that are transformed into nursing homes for the elderly, hostels for children, schools, reading and mathematics support programs, reforestation and rehabilitation of community areas, support for children with cancer or disability, among many other aids.

In addition, anually Aptiv carries out health and safety campaigns in all of its plants, which are aimed at improving the welfare of employees and their families, as well as recreational activities to promote healthy coexistence with sports tournaments or competitions in which workers´ talents and creativity are put to the test.

Day one around the world

To celebrate the transformation of the company and its name change, on December 5, 2017, festivities were held around the world in all the plants and México was no exception. Employees across the country were greeted with a festive atmosphere in which the first images that will now represent the new company were unveiled.

All the plants raised the new Aptiv flag in a formal ceremony framed by the marching bands and the directors of each operation. The logos were also revealed both inside and outside, as well as the new -color-s that are now displayed in the facilities.

At the Technical Center of Ciudad Juárez, for example, an event was held in which the new identity and the key to Aptiv's success were revealed: the employees, who over the years have been responsible for putting the name of México on the world map thanks to the quality of the products and processes that are manufactured or designed in this country.

These are the same employees that, under the name of Delphi, developed around 500 patents and more than 1,000 invention records, which helped the company at the global top of technological innovation in the automotive industry.

The showcase of the Consumer Electronic Show

The great presentation of Aptiv was at one of the largest technology events in the world, the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, where it presented its most advanced products, including the participation of its autonomous driving cars, which make a good job emulating human driving, without a human at the wheel.

In partnership with Lyft, Aptiv offered rides in its autonomous driving vehicles around Las Vegas. By using the regular Lyft app, users could take a ride from the parking lot of the convention center where the event was held to more than 20 destinations around Las Vegas in their BMW, and Porsche autonomous driving vehicle fleet.

Considering that last year this technology was presented in the same event, but the tour only included a controlled circuit, this year represents a huge advance.

“One of the things that makes Aptiv different from other companies is our ability to integrate systems. It is not just about making a car that physically drives itself, but it is about incorporating this technology into a system in a safe way, so that the consumer wants to own one of these vehicles. And that's what we achieved with our BMW,“ said Jada Tapley, Aptiv´s vice president of advanced engineering and external relations.