About us

For 20 years, Mexico Industry has been the information media for the manufacturing & export industry in Mexico.

We are an industrial magazine that brings you a wide amount of information about different manufacturing sectors, such as automotive, aerospace, medical, electrical-electronic, metal-mechanic and plastic.

Currently, We have nine different publications with a monthly distribution, covering 45 Cities in the Mexican States of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Estado de Mexico, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Nuevo Leon, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, Aguascalientes and Tamaulipas.

Mexico Industry topics pages are, General Management, Quality, Human Resources, Environment, Purchasing, Foreign Trade, IT and Finance areas.

In addition, we project and promote the competitive advantages that Mexico has in this sector, such as its infrastructure, workforce and geographical location.

Also, our quality and credibility, in covering the entire country's economic sector, enables Mexico Industry to, provide the best link between suppliers and the manufacturing industry.

Starting in 2017, Mexico Industry sought the opportunity to evolve within the digital world. Therefore, We designed a web tool with the most updated information in English and Spanish, about everything that happens in the different sectors of the export industry in Mexico.

We have been the main source for information about the industry for over 20 years, and now we are evolving to digital media. Therefore, We strongly believe that, through our new website, we will achieve our main goal: “To promote Mexico around the world”

“We are the link between the industrial sector, suppliers and the community; we want the world to know what is happening in the Mexican industry.”

• Cd. Juárez
• Chihuahua
• Delicias
• Cuauhtémoc
• Nuevo Casas Grandes
• El Paso, Texas

Principal Industries:

Automotive Industry
Plastic Industry
Aerospace Industry
Electric-Electronic Industry
Information technology
• Saltillo
• Ramos Arizpe
• Derramadero
• Torreón
• Piedras Negras
• Monclova
• Arteaga
• San Pedro
• Matamoros
• Gómez Palacios
• Lerdo de Tejada

Principal Industries:

Metal-Mechanics Industry
Automotive Industry
Aerospace Industry
• Ciudad de México
• Azcapotzalco
• Cuautitlán
• Vallejo
• Lerma
• Naucalpan
• Tlalnepantla
• Toluca

Principal Industries:

Automotive Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Textile Industry
• Irapuato
• Silao
• Celaya
• León
• Salamanca
• Apaseo el Grande
• San José Iturbide
• San Miguel de Allende
• Valle de Santiago
• Villagrán

Principal Industries:

Automotive Industry
Food Industry
Textile Industry
Aerospace Industry
Footwear Industry
• Acatlán de Juárez
• El Salto
• Guadalajara
• Zapopan
• Tala
• Tlajomulco
• Tlaquepaque

Principal Industries:

Information Technology
Electronic Industry
Automotive Industry
Furniture Industry
• Monterrey
• Apodaca
• Santa Catarina
• San Pedro
• Cadereyta
• Ciénega de Flores
• Guadalupe
• Salinas Victoria
• San Nicolás
• General Escobedo
• Pesquería
• García
• Juárez

Principal Industries:

Metal-Mechanics Industry
Automotive Industry
Aerospace Industry
• Querétaro
• San Juan del Río
• El Marqués
• Colón

Principal Industries:

Automotive Industry
Aerospace Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Plastic Industry
Electric-Electronic Industry
Steel Industry
• San Luis Potosí
- Soledad de Graciano
- Villa de Reyes
• Aguascalientes
- Jesús María
- Los Arellano
- San Francisco
de los Romo

Principal Industries:

Automotive Industry
Food Industry
Textile Industry
Aerospace Industry
Footwear Industry
• Altamira
• Ciudad Victoria
• Ciudad Madero
• Matamoros
• Nuevo Laredo
• Reynosa
• Río Bravo
• Tampico
• Valle de Texas

Principal Industries:

Automotive Industry
Electric-Electronic Industry


Our mission is to provide the resources and support for continuous growth of the Mexican industry.

  • Strengthen the link between industry, suppliers and investors.
  • Enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the region.
  • Promote infrastructure, quality resources and workforce.


Establish links with community through the economic development administration. Inform about the manufacturing processes, by emphasizing the products and services of our clients.


Mexico Industry is nationally and internationally known, by constantly participating in manufacturing and industry trade shows.

We promote our newspaper as we make our customers' brand stronger.


You can find us in our custom kiosks at the airports of the following cities: Reynosa, Tampico and Cd. Victoria.

Mexico Industry newspaper will be available soon at the Monterrey, N.L. airport.

We dedicate our effort to support and promote our customers' market positioning and obtain the desired results.


Mexico Industry is a FREE monthly publication distributed in:

  • Industrial Parks
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Government Offices (National & International)
  • Chambers & Associations
  • Airports

We are growing and adding new distribution routes while new companies arrive to the Country.


We provide our customers, entrepreneurs and officials with the individualized attention they deserve, delivering Mexico Industry to CEOs & other corporate executives.

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